A man was shot and killed by a friend while they were driving down Highway 10


Pensacola, Fl

A man was shot dead by his friend while he was driving away from a bar in downtown El Paso, according to police.

Police said investigators learned that Mario Medina, 23, shot and killed his old friend, Luis Fernando Escobar, 24.

They returned fire around 2:30 a.m. along Highway 10 near Piedras.

Police said that when they reached the city, the city’s father and a friend of the city were standing outside the car.

Police found Escobar dead in the car.

The investigation revealed that Medina, Escobar and a city friend were at a bar in downtown El Paso.

At one point the two men got into an argument in a bar.

Police said Medina’s father came to help separate Medina and Escobar.

The father of the city drove the three.

While in the car, Medina who was sitting in the front passenger seat turned around and shot Escobar.

Police said that during the accident, Medina shot his father, wounding him.

They said that Medina’s father tried to get the gun out of his son.

His father was taken to hospital for treatment.

Medina was arrested at the scene by El Paso Police and later hospitalized with injuries sustained in a bar brawl.

The shooting occurred near a construction area that was already closed to road works, but the shooting extended this closure for about six hours, causing significant traffic delays.

All I-10 East lanes reopen shortly before 8am.

Medina reservation photo is not provided.


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