Body found in search of missing 19-year-old pregnant mother


Pensacola, Fl

Madison County lawmakers have confirmed that a body was found while searching for 19-year-old Elizabeth Jarrow, a missing pregnant mother.

Jarrow’s sister Emily Lloyd shared on Facebook that MPs informed their family of the discovery. Al-Sharif says that the body was found at around 9 am by a deputy who was searching, and he was sure it was it.

Representatives also said that the body was found less than half a mile from where it was last seen.

Madison County Sheriff Todd Hood revealed that investigators have “people of interest” in the investigation.

We were told that her estranged husband, George MacDonald, was in custody on Friday in an unrelated previous case. Hood said they are looking into whether he should be considered a suspect.

The road between Maple Street and Hardwood Island is closed while lawmakers continue their investigation.


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