An increasing number of female deaths in Baltimore


Pensacola, F

Baltimore Police have identified two other homicide victims.

On average this month, at least one person was killed every day in the city.

An amazing statistic that led to more scenes like this one.

A vigil to remember the lost lives, and prayers for their shattered families.

Melissa Hafati was shot dead this month.

It happened a few days before her 40th birthday.

Melissa is one of four women killed this month.

She is among a growing group of victims who have lost their lives on the streets of Baltimore City.

Crime and justice reporter Joy Lebola discovered that not a month has passed this year, without at least two women killed.

The month of June witnessed the highest number of victims, as seven women lost their lives.

 Last year’s numbers, and the rate of femicide, 2020 appears to be on a more lethal path.

In 2018, 33 women were listed among the murder victims in Baltimore.

In 2019, the Baltimore Police Department reported 37 homicide victims.

In 2020 (September 18, 2020) 33 women were killed.

This is the number we saw in the whole of 2018, and few shy women out of the 37 who lost their lives last year.

A fatal trend, city leaders have yet to address or even try to clarify.

There are many theories as to why more and more women are being targeted.

Some say the reason for this is the economy and more women are engaging in the drug trade, and others think it is more revenge and that women are easier to reach.


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