A woman was evicted and killed when two other cars driven by an Inkster collided with bullets to the hospital


Pensacola, Fl

A woman is killed in a crash while someone is driving shooting victims from Inkster to a nearby hospital.

According to police, a shooting occurred at the Parkside Apartments in Carlisle, Lancaster. The cause of the shooting was unknown and several Michigan State Police investigators at the scene were still looking for evidence.

Michigan State Police said there was a party in Carlisle and two unknown men approached it and launched several rounds into a crowd. Two people were wounded and the gunmen fled the area.

The two victims were taken to hospital in a private car that had an accident with two other cars on Ford and Inkster roads in Dearborn Heights.

In that accident, a woman was kicked out of the car and killed. It is not known if the woman was part of the shooting victims or one of the other vehicles involved.

EMS arrived shortly after the accident to take two bullet victims to hospital.


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