A Houston boy shot a man who attacked his parents, touching his mother inappropriately


Pensacola, Florida

Police said a 39-year-old inappropriately touched a woman and hit her husband before the couple’s son shot and killed him in southeast Houston.

Alfredo Rodriguez suffocated later when he realizes that his son was forced to kill a man to protect him and his wife, saying he would do anything to switch places with him.

He said, “I can say, ‘Take me instead.'”

The shooting occurred at around 1:50 a.m. in a parking lot at 12810 Gulf Freeway, according to the Houston Police Department.

Eyewitnesses told investigators that the fight began inside Ostioneria Michoacan bar and restaurant, and police said the attacker touched Rodriguez inappropriately, so they slapped him.

Then the couple left the restaurant, but the suspect followed them.

Witnesses said he started beating Rodriguez, firing him, and then beating the wife.

Then the couple’s son came out and saw what was happening and opened fire on the unknown man, who later died in the hospital.

When the father woke up, he said he saw his son being questioned by the police.

The father said he had been robbed and shot in the face only a few years ago, which is why his son rushed to take action when he saw the attack happen.

Rodriguez said: “Tell me, Dad, it doesn’t happen to you anymore, I take care of you.”

Investigators said that a surveillance video from a nearby restaurant matched the family’s story.

“From what I saw in the video and what everyone is telling me, yes, it is clear that he is taking measures to protect his father and mother,” HPD Sgt. Kenneth Dino.

The father and son were allowed to leave. Rodriguez’s wife was taken to hospital after being shot in the leg. You are expected to recover.

The case will be referred to a grand jury without charges.


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