2 killed in a shooting at Saint Augustine


Pensacola, Fl

 Two people were shot dead in the parking lot of an apartment complex in Saint Augustine, according to the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office.

The shooting was reported shortly before 6:30 PM. In Florida Club Condominiums near the Florida Club Boulevard, which is on State Road 16, Representatives said.

The two victims – a young man and a young woman – were airlifted to local hospitals in critical condition and subsequently died, said Chuck Mulligan, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office. He refused to provide any details on the ages of the victims, citing Marcian law.

Less than an hour after the shooting, Representatives said, the suspected shooter who escaped from the scene was found in a detention pool about a mile near Sheidel Road and North St. Johns Street.

Representatives said several witnesses recognized Inverney Wilson, 19, as the shooter who escaped from the parking lot. He was held in St. Johns County Jail just before 4 am on Wednesday and is being held without evidence in a felony murder and felony weapons charge.

Dive teams and other investigators from three counties can be seen Wednesday morning at the command center as they deploy to search for ponds and wooded areas for clues. K-9 units were also brought in for research. So far, the sheriff’s office has not mentioned the reason for the search, but the arrest report did not mention a pistol found at Wilson’s arrest – details that would normally be included in the event one was found.

According to Wilson’s arrest report, witnesses told investigators that a man carrying a pistol was seen chasing a black pickup truck that was speeding through the parking lot of the apartment complex. They said the truck changed direction and started driving over the man holding the gun before it collided with a parked car.

Witnesses said that after the accident, the man fired four to six bullets at the truck, then removed some elements from the truck’s cabin and ran toward a nearby golf course.

Representatives said that before the victims were taken from the scene, many witnesses tried to provide emergency assistance, and one of the victims told these witnesses that the name of the shooter was Enverni.

One witness described the consequences of the violence.

“When I parked, I saw a corpse on the ground, a black truck – doors open, so there are two women on top of that body. So Ronald Owens said,“ So I jumped out of my car – and went there to start trying to help. The girl was in and out of her consciousness.


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