A man is killed after being shot outside the Tamarak gas station


Pensacola, Fl

Police are investigating a shooting in Tamarac after a man was killed and two cars were left with bullet holes outside a gas station.

Broward Sheriff’s Office said the shooting broke out at a Speedway gas station on Commercial Boulevard and Prospect Road, just before 1 p.m.

Jeff Sharrett said he was in his truck on the other side of the gas station when he heard the gunshots, and was scared where the bullets were going.

I was in my truck there, and I heard shots, like six or seven rounds being fired from the POWs! Captives! Captives! He said “Boo!” Like this. “Once the shots fired, I was like, ‘Where are they going? “You never know where the shots will end up.”

“I heard about seven rapid gunfire,” said the witness, Denise. “I thought it was fireworks.”

The bullets hit a silver Mercedes. The man in the car did not survive.

Investigators said that nothing else happened after the shooting, and they are investigating why.

“Whether there is a burglary, whether it is road rage, is still part of what they’re looking for, and they’re not ruling anything out,” said Miranda Grossman, a BSO spokeswoman.

Investigators questioned a man at the scene, and eventually arrested him.

The BSO confirmed that someone had been detained in connection with the shooting but did not provide further details.

“At this point, MPs are looking into all the scenarios and circumstances surrounding this deadly shooting,” Grossman said.

Denise said she believes only one person was shooting.

“He fired a lot of bullets, and it was one pistol because it was the same rifle. Gone, pop! pop! pop! Dennis said, “Pop!” It is over, “he said.

Because the shooting happened during lunchtime, investigators said the timing could be crucial to their investigation.

This happened at lunchtime. “There’s a lot of traffic going by, and a lot of people here, so if anyone sees anything, please contact BSO homicide investigators or crime stoppers,” Grossman said.

The cause of the shooting is still under investigation.


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