one-year-old child was killed in a car theft outside Hospital

A close-up photo of police lights by night

Pensacola, Fl

A man accused of killing a one-year-old child and injuring his mother during a car theft.

Fort Worth police said the boy’s parents met Sunday outside a hospital in Burleson, south of Fort Worth. As the two were exchanging reservations, 30-year-old Nico de la Fuente jumped into the mother’s car.

Father tried to stop the car theft by jumping into the car as well. The two fought.

Then the police said that Dela Fuente backed away and beat the boy and his mother.

The boy was taken to Cook Children Hospital in Fort Worth where he died. His mom is expected to be fine.

Police said Dela Fuente hit the stolen car with a tree. He tried to escape, but fell from his wounds due to the accident.

He is now accused of premeditated murder and aggravated robbery.

He is being treated in hospital, after which he will be transferred to Fort Worth prison.


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