Killing 20 people in traffic in New York


Pensacola, fl

Twenty people were killed when a limousine was taking them to New York, including four newlyweds, four sisters and two brothers from another family.

Officials did not reveal the names of the victims, but statements by relatives to the media revealed some details and names.

The sources said that two newlyweds, Irene and Shane McGowan, had entered the golden cage only five months ago and died in the accident.

The couple were among 17 people riding in the ill-fated limousine that was taking them to the 30th birthday party of their friend Amy Steenberg.

Police and the National Transportation Safety Board said the car had pushed strongly across a highway intersection in the town of Squharre, New York, 65 km (65 miles) west of Albany.

The car collided with a parked car, and there was no one in it, and it hit two pedestrians before it plunged into a valley.

The state police announced the death of the driver, all 17 passengers and two pedestrians.

The head of the National Transportation Safety Board, Robert Smollet, said the accident was the worst among transportation accidents in the United States since 2009, when 49 people were killed in a plane crash in Buffalo, New York.


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