An American general rapes his daughter for 15 years

A close-up photo of police lights by night

Pensacola, fl

Jennifer Moore, daughter of former US Army General James Graziublin, said that her father had sexually assaulted her since she was 3 years old and continued to assault her for 15 years.

Jennifer added that the first assault happened at her grandmother’s home in New York State and the subsequent sexual assaults took place during night visits to the room in which she sleeps.

Jennifer spoke with a number of friends and close associates about her father’s sexual behavior, and when she lost her ability to bear more, she filed a complaint against him.

The US military had conducted an investigation into the daughter’s allegations

He referred the complaint to the judiciary, but the lawsuit was rejected because it was not submitted within the first five years of the perpetration of the criminal act

The authorities arrested the retired general on charges of rape and incest.

The daughter confirmed that she wanted to break her silence and talk about the hell of rape, because being silent about this matter means more victims in society.


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