A woman rapes a child and gives birth to him


Pensacola, fl

A Florida court heard the case of a woman named Marisa Morey who violated the offer of an 11-year-old child with coercion and gave birth to a child.

The family of the abused child entrusted Marisa, who was 22 at the time, with the task of taking care of him until his parents returned from work, but the accused raped the child more than once under threat. Three years after the incident, the boy, who had reached the age of 14, told his mother what had happened, and by searching, investigating and resorting to DNA testing, it became clear that the father of Mori’s son was the child that she had abused.

The boy, now nearly 17, was in the courtroom when a hearing judge handed down a 20-year prison sentence to Murray, now 28.

Reports indicated that Mori was staying with the family of the “young father” when the crime occurred, and that his parents realized that the woman was pregnant, but they did not complain about her, believing that her pregnancy was from a friend of hers.

Mori tried to defend herself, denying the charge against her, but a DNA examination revealed the clues of her crime.

For her part, the mother of the “young father” spoke to the media, saying that her son is carrying out all his parental duties towards his 5-year-old son, and that her son is living an older stage of his life, as he is forced to accompany his son to school.

She added, that this incident completely changed her son’s life, launching an appeal to all families, to take caution and caution when bringing any nanny to the house, and concluded her speech by saying: “This has cost me a lot.”


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