A man rapes child and tries to commit suicide in court

A close-up photo of police lights by night

Pensacola, fl

The oldest man named Robert Seaman JR, 48 years old, to commit suicide jumped from the balcony of Mahoning County Courthouse in Youngstown, in the fourth round, one day before the jury selected the death sentence.

Mayor Jerry Green said in a statement to Youngstown Vindicator that the commissioners were taking Robert, from the courtroom, after a hearing to determine the date of his trial, to the detention room in the court when he killed himself.

“According to two of the lawyers and everyone who was there, Seaman was in good spirits,” Green added. “He was talking about the future of his trial, and suddenly he decided to jump from the balcony.

Seaman could have faced a death sentence if he had been convicted of killing the child Corinne Gump (10) and her grandparents William Schmidt (63) and Judith Schmidt (61).

The family home was set on fire in March on the same day Seaman’s trial for the rape of Corinne in Youngstown. The investigators concluded that the fire was the result of pouring and burning gasoline into the family home.

The public prosecutor said that after his arrest, traces of fire were discovered on Seaman’s body.


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