The body of the fatal victim is found in Meriden


Pensacola, Fl

 Police are investigating after the body of a murder victim was found.

Police said they were called to the area of ​​190 Grove Street to shoot a possible complaint with two cars that were seen speeding away from the area. When they got there, they were unable to find anything in the care or confirm if there were shots fired in the area.

Later, as soon as the sun rose, the police were called to obtain a reported body in Foster Court. They find the victim of a Caucasian man who has died. He was shot, which appears to be the cause of death.

Police identified the victim as Eric Schoonover, 34, from Meridian. The police do not believe this was an indiscriminate act of violence.

Police said, “This is a very active investigation and it is still under way at the time of his release. The investigation is being treated as a murder at this time as the victim was discovered not far from the location of the shooting. It was reported earlier in the morning.” Time Meridian Police detectives have applied for a search warrant and are awaiting their approval in order to search for evidence. “


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