An old man rapes his daughter for 30 years and gives birth to 4 children


Pensacola, fl

An Australian man has been with his daughter sexually for 30 years and has four children with her in his home in which his wife lives in Melbourne.

The daughter stated that her father threatened her with violence against her mother and her siblings if she did not enable him to do herself and she was eleven years old at the time.

The wife says that she was not aware of this relationship, even though she lived in the same house.

The victim spoke to the police, but feared that she did not want to press charges against her father.

The newspaper pointed out that the birth certificates of the four children that the man gave to his daughter do not bear the name of the father, and that they suffer health problems that may be related to incest.

The man was charged with 80 charges after the daughter spoke to the police for the second time.

Upon his interrogation, the man, who is in his 60s, denied raping his daughter. He was charged after DNA tests confirmed that he was the father of her four children.

And the daughter may testify when the court hears the case.


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