A father rapes his daughter for 20 years and gives birth to children


Pensacola, fl

An Argentine court sentenced to 12 years in prison an Argentine father who sexually exploited his daughter over 20 years and fathered eight children with her.

The daughter of Domingo Paulacho said he had kept her in sexual bondage since she was 11.

This crime occurred in a town called Villa Balnearia in the Santiago Delestero province, northern Argentina.

Local media reported that the girl’s mother had died or left the family when her daughter was a child.

The father sent two more daughters to live with relatives while he kept his third daughter “to replace her mother.”

The woman said her father “raped her for 20 years.”

She added that she had received death threats from family members after reporting what had happened to the police.

The case was discovered in the beginning of 2016 when the woman visited a health center accompanied by one of her children and was asked about the personal details of the child’s father, and when the police informed the matter, the father fled and was not found until 45 days later.


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