A father imprisoned and raped his daughter for 24 years


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A father raped his daughter for 24 years and had seven children with her, in a secret, soundproofed cellar. Josef Fritzl loved his daughter the way he did.

Austrian public opinion was shaken by a unique crime of rape. A father imprisoned his daughter for years and raped her without anyone knowing.

Josef Fritzl was born in April 1935, and was born in the town of Amstetten. As a result of an illegal relationship, his mother was arrested during World War II.

Joseph was brought up in an orphanage, and upon his mother’s exit from detention, she was in a difficult psychological state, as she beat him and dealt with him cruelly, and he later moved to another city, to study electrical engineering, and then worked in an electronic technology company.

He married Rose Mary at the age of twenty-one, and became affluent as he bought a large house in his village, after years of his marriage, and rebuilt the house and divided part of it in order to rent it.

While he prepared a scheme designed by him to expand the basement, and create secret rooms behind the closet door with an area not exceeding 35 meters and secure them with two doors to access them with electronic locks that open with secret codes, and he asked his Adelaide not to inform anyone, but without ever noticing what would happen next.

Fritzl had seven children, but the story was highlighted, centered on his fourth daughter, Elizabeth

Where Elizabeth was born in 1966, and she was beaten and harassed sometimes by her father, while she ran away from home to Vienna in 1983, but she was returned because she was not of legal age.

After nearly a year, the father asked his daughter to help him in the basement, to put her anesthetic until she lost consciousness, as he inserted her into the hidden part of the basement.

The disappearance of the girl was noticed, as her mother submitted a report to the police, but Fritzl made her write a letter in which she said that she had traveled, to join a religious sect, then the mother’s heart was reassured, and Fritzl took the letter to the police to stop searching for her.

He used to take food for her every few days, as the place of her detention contained a kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms, and he bought her things from outside the town so as not to attract attention, and justify his constant descent into the basement, because he manufactures electronic devices in his workshop below.

And prevent his wife and children from going down to him because he was not distracted during work. Every time the father went to the basement, he raped his daughter, and after three years of physical abuse.

Elizabeth got pregnant and as the due date approached, the father gave her scissors and a book explaining how to give birth, as he made her wrestle alone.

The basement is located under the garden floor of the rooms designated for rent, and it used to warn the tenants not to sit in the garden. However, the basement was soundproofed, so there was no sound and no life to whomever you called.

She gave birth to her first child and then gave birth to another child, but in 1992 her daughter Lisa was born, who was suffering from a congenital defect, and needed an operation that was forced then Fritzl to take her out, and put the girl on the door of the house with a letter written by Elizabeth saying: she is her daughter and asks her parents to take care of the child and treat her.

In 1994 she gave birth to another baby girl named Monica to return her sister’s ball, where she placed it on the door of the house accompanied by a letter like the previous two years later Elizabeth gave birth to twins, one of whom had trouble breathing and died a few days later so Fritzl was forced to burn him in the oven and take the other and put it in front of his house like those who preceded him To adopt them and raise them as their grandfather.

Then she gave birth to her last child and stayed with her in the basement, where he constantly threatened to kill them in various ways, if they tried to touch the door or make any sound.

The year 2008 was carrying Fritzl’s beginning of the collapse, and the end of the years of pain for Elizabeth, when her daughter Christine fell ill and asked her father to take her to the hospital.

The doctors were surprised that she did not carry identification papers, and they asked him about her mother because they needed her for some answers about the girl’s condition. He said: She always puts her children in front of their house and goes.

They had to make a call to Elizabeth on television, and when she saw the call, she insisted that she go see her daughter and the rapist father agreed, and she went to the hospital, where the police detained her upon her arrival, and they interrogated her on charges of neglecting her children.

She refused to speak at first and then asked them for a pledge that her father would not approach her, then she told them the whole story. They detained the father immediately and raided his house to see all the circumstances of the crime that lasted 24 years.

He tried to disavow his crimes by claiming that what happened was consensual and that he was kind to his children, while he confessed in one of the trials that he had done it after seeing Elizabeth sitting in the audience.

He was covering his face with a blue paper during the trials ashamed of what he had done, Fritzl, 73, was sentenced to 5 years in prison for coercion, 1 year for incest, 10 years for deprivation of liberty, 15 for rape, 20 years for slavery and life imprisonment for murder.

The lives of Elizabeth and her sons were secured in a remote village and new IDs were issued, so that they could live a normal life, after 24 years of underground imprisonment, humiliation and rape.


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