6 people are killed in a shootout between police and gunmen in New Jersey


Pensacola, fl

Six people were killed in a shooting inside a store in Jersey City, New Jersey, and officials said that among the dead were an officer and two gunmen.

Law enforcement forces and two gunmen continued to shoot for hours, while the Jersey City Police Chief confirmed the gunmen were killed, while their motives were not yet known.

Mike Kelly, the city police chief, said that the exchange of fire first began in local cemeteries this afternoon local time, and the police officer was killed when he tried to approach the two suspects while investigating a murder, and the two gunmen fled the scene in a truck and entered A shop where they continued shooting at the police, with “heavy-duty rifles in a battle that lasted several hours.”

“We believe that the policeman was killed while trying to intercept these bad guys. Once again, all of this is being investigated,” the city’s police chief added in statements to reporters.

According to the Hudson County Prosecutor, two officers and a civilian are in stable condition after being shot in the accident.

The sound of gunfire was heard in the vicinity of the clashes, while warning sirens sounded, according to video footage from the site of the clashes.

The exchange of fire lasted for several hours before the authorities announced that the two suspects were killed during a confrontation with the police in another part of the city.


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