Louisiana Soldier Charged; the suit says she shot a teenager in the back


Pensacola, Fl

A Louisiana soldier was charged with shooting a 19-year-old man in the back during a traffic stop two years ago for aggravated second-degree battery battery and unlawful use of a weapon.

A state police press release says Trooper Kasha Doming has been indicted by a grand jury in East Baton Rouge.

Police said Clifton Scott Dele, who sued Domingo, the administration and the state last year in federal court, was present in a wheelchair when the indictment was submitted.

 He did not comment. But his lawyer issued a statement saying Dele and his family were grateful for “this first step in the Kasha Doming trial.”

The bullet damaged a bone and spinal cord in Dele’s lower back, according to the lawsuit. Lawyer Don Casayux told the media that Dele’s lower body is paralyzed.

“The family understands the difficulties associated with these prosecutions and also respects the jobs that men and women do in law enforcement every day to protect us and protect us from harm,” the statement said.

The police statement said that Domingo had been placed on paid leave and that soldiers would arrest her as soon as a grand jury ordered. It said only that the shooting occurred during a traffic stop

A Dele’s lawsuit accused Doming of shooting him in the back and then lying about him. She initially reported the incident with a radio blade that indicated she had used a stun gun against him, delaying medical care, and then said she had shot him while he was accusing her, according to the lawsuit.

The business surveillance camera recording “unequivocally showed that Trooper Domingo’s story of being attacked was completely wrong, and instead shot an unarmed passenger in a parked car for a minor traffic offense,” according to the lawsuit.

State Police said Domingo, who began work for the administration in August 2015, was put into office service after the shooting.

Colonel Kevin Reeves, State Police Inspector, said in the press release that the Louisiana State Police had launched an immediate investigation into the shooting and had cooperated fully with the East Baton Rouge District Attorney’s office.

“I remain confident in our investigation process. Through the judicial system, I expect a fair and equitable outcome to this incident,” Reeves said in the statement.


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