A winning lottery ticket sold for $ 47 million in Seguin, the second-largest prize in Texas history


Pensacola, Fl

Someone in Seguin has a really good 2020.

Texas Lottery said a lottery ticket purchased at a gas station on Highway 123 in Seguin won the grand prize of $ 47 million from a raffle.

The winning card matched all six numbers drawn, which were 4-11-16-19-27-30, according to the lottery system.

The cash value option was chosen when purchasing the ticket, and the plaintiff will receive – wait for it – $ 39,767,339.23 before tax.

The prize wasn’t claimed, unfortunately, until this afternoon, according to Texas Lottery. The winner has 180 days of drawing to claim.

Texas Lottery said this is the second largest sweepstakes won. The $ 5 million jackpot started on January 18 and topped a record 73 times, prior to purchasing this ticket.

Texas Lottery said the largest Texas lotto prize was a $ 97 million grand prize winning ticket as of May 29, 2010. Purchased at 7-Eleven in Dallas.

Seguin is located in Guadalupe County, just outside San Antonio.


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