A corpse found in the desert could be lost


Pensacola, Fl

Police said that a body was found in a desert area north of Phoenix, and it may be that of a woman who has gone missing for nearly a month.

They said that the body believed to be 59-year-old Julie Consialdi was present around 3 p.m. Thursday, the medical examiner in Maricopa County will try to positively identify him and determine the cause of death.

Police have arrested 57-year-old Joseph Consialdi on suspicion of first-degree murder, days after he was informed of the disappearance of his 30-year-old wife.

They said that forensic evidence led them to believe that Julie Consialdi was the victim of a murder.

Court documents described sterile crime scene evidence in the Phoenix couple’s home with blood that matched the woman’s DNA.

Police said Julie Consialdi’s truck was found burnt and abandoned on September 4.

Two days later, police said Joseph Consialdi called to report the loss of his wife.

Police said he told them he last saw his wife when they quarreled about a vacation and left for camping near Payson.

Julie Consialdi’s family said she uncharacteristically stopped answering calls and letters and failed to show up for appointments and work.


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