The quick thinking of a 7-year-old rescues a mother during a dog attack


Pensacola, Fl

 “I had over 30 moms, over 300 caregivers, and a lot of behaviors, and I had nothing like that, and I never got bitten,” said Jenny Musulin.

That all changed when one of the dogs that Jenny Mussolin was raising from her home exploded and attacked Monroe’s mother.

“I called straight away as soon as she got out, called Boat and told him to come out,” she said. “I’d rather cancel 911 and then not get them to come.”

The dog bitten Jenny several times in the arm and hand but fortunately her 7-year-old superhero was standing next to him.

Jenny: “Who are you fast like?”

White said: “Flash.” “I went out the door and dropped my tablet. He came out the door and went to my neighbors and asked them to call 911.”

 “How did you know what to do?”

“Because my mom has type 1 diabetes, so my mom made me practice the phone and stuff.”

Fortunately, White acted quickly. Minutes later, my mother says, the ambulance came and took her to the hospital where she had to take several stitches. She had not been able to use her hands for a month and was still recovering from her injuries.

“I was very proud because I knew he must be scared,” said Jenny. “You never know how a child will react, no matter how many times you talk or practice.”

Monroe Community Ambulance Service liked what White did to his mother – they just awarded a special prize to second graders.

“The people who took my mom to the hospital came on their day off to give me an award,” he said.

“He won the Savior Award because he acted so quickly and the medics said they don’t even know if their children would react like this in an emergency,” Jenny said.

This means even more for White, who dreams of becoming a first responder.

He said, “I was like a wow because I want to be a police officer when I grow up.”


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