one-year-old infant killed in Chicago


Pensacola, fl

A one-year-old infant was killed and his mother was wounded in a shooting in Chicago, causing shock to the authorities despite their accustomed to the outbreak of armed violence in the third largest American city.

Police reported that the 22-year-old mother was driving towards her home when the attacker stopped next to her car and fired about eight bullets at her, hitting the infant in the chest and hitting the tip of her head.

“This happens a lot,” Chicago Police Operations Commander Fred Waller told reporters near the shooting site south of the city.

“When will the matter stop? When will we say stop?”

The incident comes a week after a similar shooting, which killed three-year-old Mickey James while he was in a car with his father, west of Chicago.

Waller stressed, “We will arrest the person who killed the three-year-old child, and we will arrest those who killed this child.”

Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Superintendent of Police David Brown asked residents not to hesitate to reveal any information about Saturday’s attack.

“We should all be outraged by the violence that we see in our city. This baby and all of our residents deserve a better situation,” Brown said.

The police have not made any arrests yet, and investigations are continuing into the two cases.


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