A third black transgender woman was murdered in Philadelphia this year


Pensacola, Fl

Philadelphia County Attorney, Larry Krasner, joined other city leaders to speak out about the recent violence against black transgender women.

Police arrested Abdullah bin Al-Amin Jamea, 28, for committing a traffic offense. They found inside his car Tracy “Mia” Green, who was 29 years old, who had been shot by two bullets.

Green was taken to the hospital, but he did not survive.

The university faces charges of premeditated murder.

Green was the third transgender woman to be killed in Philadelphia this year. They were all black.

“I ask you when you cry” Black lives matter, “does it include black lives in transit in the psyche? Tatiana Woodard, Mazzoni Community Health Engagement Coordinator, said.

Currently, Philadelphia has hate crime laws that protect the LGBTQ community, but Pennsylvania does not.

“Our community doesn’t have the same protections under Pennsylvania law. This leaves us vulnerable when we leave city limits,” said Selena Morrison, director of LGBT affairs in Philadelphia.

Krasner and community leaders discussed the need for statewide legislation to elevate attacks against society to a state of hate crimes.

Senator Larry Farnese, Minority Chair on the Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee, said: “We need reasonable legislation that helps save lives, such as Senate Bill 947 that grants protection from hate crimes to those most likely to face a hate crime today, the LGBTQ community. “. .

The police are still looking for Akhenaten Jones, 36. He is wanted for the murder of 27-year-old Dominic “Rem’mie” Fells, a black transgender woman, in June.


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