A 2-year-old child was killed and 4 injured in an eight-mile road accident


Pensacola, Fl

A child was killed while two others were in critical condition after a terrible accident in the western side of town around 5:30 pm.

Police say the 29-year-old Dodge Challenger driver was traveling east in an eight-mile race and was speeding with three underage children on board, causing the accident, killing a two-year-old.

DPD says the driver collided with a 62-year-old in a Ford SUV that was bowing near Cherry Lawn Street. Challenger collided with her car and then collided with an empty building.

The crash force was so strong that the SUV’s engine ejected from the car.

The two drivers were taken to hospital, as were the other two children, who were in critical condition. You do not know the ages of the other two children at this time, nor do the children relate to the challenge driver.


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