4 people killed in a shooting attempt during a robbery in Florida


Pensacola, fl

The FBI and US police said four people were killed in an exchange of fire after a United Parcel Service truck was stolen and an attempted robbery of a jewelry store in a Miami suburb.

Police said two robbers, a truck driver and a pedestrian were killed.

The incident began with an attempt to rob a jewelry store in the Coral Gables suburb of Miami in the famous Merkel Mile shopping district at about 4:15 pm, and police said that the owner of the store confronted the thieves with a weapon, adding that a worker in the store was slightly injured by a bullet shrapnel.

After the failed robbery attempt, the thieves seized a United Parcel Service truck and detained the driver at gunpoint, prompting police to chase them, which ended in an exchange of fire in Miramar, about 32 km north of Miami.

George Piro, of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, said the exchange of fire began after the truck got stuck in traffic jams on Highway 75, adding that the two thieves were shot dead.

Ed Hodak, Coral Gables Police Chief, said the truck driver who was detained by the robbers and a bystander were also killed.


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