Woman arrested after selling antique coins that kill 78-year-old Indy man


Pensacola, Fl

 Across Indianapolis, a violent weekend killed four people.

The first of the four fatal shootings occurred this weekend in the Hardee’s car park on Brookville Road.

According to court records, this is where the victim and the suspect met to sell some old coins and the deal ended in shooting.

After being shot while trying to rob, the 78-year-old told police that he was trying to buy or sell coins from a woman in the parking lot when she took out a gun.

The victim, Paul Edmunds, died in hospital after suffering a heart attack multiple times.

“He is pointless and he is sad.” He was just trying to make a living, and it took his life in the blink of an eye, “said Switzerland Carrie.

Edmonds owned Diamond Stamp and Coin and had a stall housed inside a vintage mall in Shadeland. Managers there say Edmunds has been a seller for at least 20 years.

Paul was a gentle gentleman. He was very nice and was always smiling. Carey said, “He would come once or twice a month to stock up on his case, and then he would be on his way asking everyone to have a wonderful day.”

According to the affidavit, police quickly found emails linking the Edmunds murder to 24-year-old Kayla Blankenship.

Police also claim that this surveillance video from Brookville Liquors across the street appears 20 seconds after Blankenship got into the victim’s white car, then sped forward and the suspect jumped out as it drove.

Edmunds then drove to Hardee’s front while the accused shooter drove off the red SUV.

Police later discovered that the SUV was at a local hotel and arrested Blankenship for the murder after her boyfriend confessed that they had met the victim to sell some coins.

“It’s just shock and sadness. I just feel like everyone needs to care about their surroundings because it looks like you never know what it looks like.”

Blankenship remains behind bars for the initial murder charge. Her boyfriend has been arrested for something unrelated.

Following the Friday night shooting, the city witnessed three more unrelated murders.

On Saturday night, two people were shot each other within an hour. One of the victims was killed along a pier near MLK 29.

The other was involved in a crash near 38 colleges, although police believe the victim was injured prior to the accident.

Of late, a man is shot along Tremont Street. All three of these killings remain unsolved.

The fatal shootings brought the total number of homicides in the city this year to 171. This is less than the total of homicides last year.


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