Kaufman County children are found alone after the death of a 71-year-old mother


Pensacola, Fl

 Police believe two boys lived alone in their home for about a week after the death of their 71-year-old adoptive mother.

The boys were found in the town of Talti, which is about 10 miles southeast of Forney in Kaufman County.

A worried Forney ISD teacher called the police to conduct a welfare check because the brothers had not attended school all week and their parents had not been reached.

“They knew something wasn’t right,” said Christine Zastubel, Forney ISD spokeswoman. “They used to communicate with this parent. So when they didn’t receive a response, they knew something was off.”

Tali police chief said that the officers who responded found the boys, 5 and 7, in the house. They also found 71-year-old Connie Taylor dead inside the house.

The boys told the officers that their mother fell to the ground and they were unable to call 911 because they did not have a screen lock passcode for her phone. They managed to feed and take care of themselves for five days.

Police believe Taylor died of natural causes and do not suspect an offense. Her autopsy is still pending.

The two adopted siblings are now cared for by their adult biological mothers’ children.

The president said they were fine, looking at what they had been through.

Her longtime neighbor and boyfriend described her as a loving mother. She said she got a text message from Taylor stating that the boys’ adoption was official a month ago.

Forney ISD officials said having parent-teacher relationships is important. This story, though unfortunate, the relationships that were forged resulted in the boys’ discovery and status.

“They are always heroes in our eyes, but most importantly … to share with them the result on Friday was very heartbreaking and it was a really tough weekend,” said Zastopil. “They are thinking of their students, and that’s the first idea.”


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