A man steals a homeowner in okaloosa County at gunpoint with 3 children inside


Pensacola, Fl

A suspect robbed a homeowner in okaloosa County at gunpoint while three children slept inside.

The mayor’s office says the home burglary took place at around 5 am in a house in Belgium, Ren in Holt.

MPs say the homeowner walked out after hearing a noise and was confronted by an armed man wearing a “blue COVID-style mask, baseball cap, black hoodie, blue jeans and white shoes.”

Representatives said in a statement that the man pointed the gun at the victim and forced him to return inside, where he stole several things, including medicine.

The owner of the house told MPs that he had cooperated since there were three children sleeping inside the house.

“But with the burglar fleeing in the mid-2000s, an American-made four-door sedan with silver door handles, [the homeowner] fired several shots at the car, which could potentially have bullet holes.

No one was injured during the crime.

The armed robber is described as a white man measuring about 5’9 inches tall and gaining 180 lbs.


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