A man and a woman were killed in what appeared to be murder and suicide


Pensacola, Fl

Two people were killed in a double shooting accident in the Aurora suburb of what officials described as a suicide.

The authorities responded around 4:30 p.m. Aurora Police said a luxury check in an apartment at 1,600 blocks of McClure Road.

Police said that a family member told the officers that they had been trying to contact a woman inside the apartment all day, to no avail.

Police said officers pushed their way inside and found a woman and a man dead from gunshot wounds in an apparent suicide.

Investigators learned that a neighbor heard gunshots around 8:30 pm. Police said on Sunday but did not provide any report. Initial information indicates that the accident was environmentally related.

Police said an autopsy to determine the couple’s method and cause of death had not yet been carried out.

Aurora Police is investigating.


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