The number of wounded children who were killed due to the escalation of shooting in Memphis


Pensacola, Fl

 Memphis police said three teenagers were victims of gun violence over the weekend.

Doctors at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital said that in the past six months, more children have come in with gunshot wounds, but the injuries are not just physical.

“I can sew their wounds, but I cannot remove the emotional impact of violence in your community and violence on yourself.” Said Dr. Regan Williams, Medical Director of Trauma Therapy at Le Bonneur, “When we see a child come in all those floods.”

So far this year, Memphis police say 26 children have died violently and that of them 20 have been killed, eight of the murders remain unsolved.

MPD said there were no arrests in the three shootings that involved teenagers.

Thaddeus Holmes is a resident of South Memphis and said he has lived on James Street for more than a decade. His neighborhood became a crime scene when a teenager was shot over the weekend.

Holmes said his generally quiet community this week was not the norm.

“It’s usually very quiet. You know a normal society,” Holmes said. Unfortunately, this is happening. It will take all of us together to fix the problem. “

Holmes said he believes the increased violence in Memphis has a lot to do with the ongoing coronavirus epidemic.

“I think it has a lot to do with the pandemic. You know people are unemployed. Holmes said it’s frustrating when you can’t keep livelihoods and take care of your family.”

At the same time, Holmes said people should take personal responsibility for their actions. He said no matter what was going on, people should make better decisions.

“I think it starts with the self. You can take it upon yourself to say I’m going to do the right thing and try to convince people who want to do the right thing. It all starts with the self,” Holmes said.


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