One person was killed and several others wounded in a shooting at a large gathering of bikers in Iowa


Pensacola, Fl

A rally in Iowa that housed more than 100 motorcycle clubs turned out to be dead in a shooting, killing at least one person and wounding several others.

Police in Waterloo, a city 55 miles northwest of Cedar Rapids, said they responded to the “shooting report” at around 3:17 am at a location where the drivers had gathered.

Waterloo Police Chief, Joel Fitzgerald, told a news conference that on arrival officers found about 10 people who had been wounded or shot. He said it appeared that “some kind of confrontation” at the site escalated into gunfire.

Police said paramedics and firefighters also responded to the scene of the chaos, and many of the wounded were taken to nearby hospitals.

Fitzgerald said that of the eight people who were shot, one died and the other was in critical condition. Four other people were injured by debris and glass while fleeing.

Fitzgerald said the gathering is not authorized and investigators are trying to determine who rented the building. Investigators are also trying to determine if there was more than one shooter.

No one was arrested in connection with the shooting. However, three people were arrested after the officers responded to a disorganized behavior call outside the emergency room of a local hospital where some of the victims were taken.


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