One dead woman is found, and another chained to a Liberty bed.


Pensacola, Fl

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office said that authorities are searching for a man after a woman was found bound to a bed inside his home and another woman was found dead in a burning car.

The mayor’s office said investigators had received reliable information that 59-year-old Jose Marin Soriano had crossed the border into Mexico. His current whereabouts are unknown, and his concerns have been handed over to the US Marshal’s office.

Representatives respond to a home at CR 3415 in North Liberty County around 6:12 p.m. September 19. Authorities said a woman called 911 and reported being tied to a bed while her friend was killed in a car outside.

When the deputies arrived, they found a dead woman in a burnt car across the road from the house. Inside the house, the mayor’s office says another woman was found chained to her ankle with a rope tied around her neck.

Representatives say the two women appear to be cleaning the homes of the Soriano who live in the house.

The sheriff’s office says that Soriano has reported that he has disclosed pictures of one of the women and said he will delete them if she is to meet him at his home.

When the two women arrived, Soriano allegedly drew a pistol and sexually assaulted the woman tied to the bed.

MPs believe, in an attempt to escape, the other woman got into her car and crashed into some trees across the street while retreating from the yard. The warden’s office says the car caught fire and the woman was badly burned, but it was later found that she had a gunshot wound.

Authorities say that Soriana apparently left his phone at home while trying to prevent the woman from leaving in her car, and the other woman managed to call 911.

The woman found at home was taken to hospital.


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