A man is killed after shooting in Highland Heights


Pensacola, Fl

Memphis police are investigating a fatal shooting incident in the Highland Heights neighborhood that may have occurred with a child in the vicinity.

The first responders were called to Powell Street and North Holmes early and found an unresponsive man at the scene. He was pronounced dead.

Ernst Ray lives on the street. He told WREG’s Melissa Moon that he didn’t hear anything, but he saw the officers the first thing when he walked out of his door.

“They asked if these cameras are enabled, and I told them yes, they are.”

It is unclear if the video captured the photo.

Our crew saw a tape of the crime scene across the front of the house and the police escorted a child from one vehicle to the other.

Ray said that he only lived on the street for a few months, but was not surprised to hear someone was killed.

“This is insane because I have been attacked twice since I lived here.”

Police did not identify the man and said there was no suspicious information available.


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