3 dead and 1 injured in a crash of Haltom city fault


Pensacola, Fl

Three people were killed when a driver traveling in the wrong direction collided with another car in the Fort Worth suburb of Haltom.

The fatal collision occurred on North Loop 820 near Denton Highway and involved a pickup truck traveling in the wrong direction, colliding with a vehicle and causing a fire.

Police pulled two people from the burning car, but were unable to reach the third. A mother, father and their young daughter died at the scene.

“We never want to stop watching like this,” the sergeant said. Eric Peters, Haltom City PD.

The Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office identified only one of the victims on Monday – Favien Chavez Garcia, 35, from Dallas.

A relative of the deceased family member was understandably devastated and told that his family was still trying to understand the scale of what had happened.

Investigators say that witnesses saw the truck driver enter the highway in the wrong direction.

“We think it only got one exit on the highway again at Roof Snow 820,” Peters said.

Later in the hospital, where he was flown by air ambulance, investigators obtained more evidence.

“A Chevy pickup truck driver, we think he may have been drunk depending on his driving habits. Plus, when officers arrive at the hospital, they can smell alcohol on or around him. So we started the investigation into manslaughter poisoning,” Peters said.

The police say that once the injured truck driver summons, they will reveal his identity.


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