Spotted a bear in downtown Chattanooga


Pensacola, fl

A bear is seen rejoicing in Downtown Chattanooga.

The Chattanooga Police Department and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency are monitoring the situation that developed on afternoon.

Chattanooga resident Ryan Pamplin allowed this video he shot of the bear, shocking it:

TWRA says this was a pre-tagged bear, which means it has been near / interacted with humans before.

Many people wandering around downtown Chattanooga say they were surprised to hear a bear marching through the streets.

“Holy smokes! Where to pay?” Austin Penum said after watching a video of a bear heading into the city center.

Gracie Partain was on her way to work and said she wasn’t expecting to hear a bear on the streets.

“I hope he’s taken care of, and I think that’s all I can say,” Bartin said.


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