Gunfire outside Taylor Swift’s TriBeCa home


Pensacola, Fl

Bullets flew outside TriBeCa home of singer Taylor Swift after he suffered an armed robbery at a nearby sneaker store, according to the NYPD.

The brutal accident happened around 5 pm. Near 153 Franklin Street. Swift bought the $ 18 million cottage in 2017. She also owns several neighboring apartments.

In total, four shots were fired during the Patron of New York robbery. Police said no one was injured. This is the second shooting at the high-end building in a month.

“Suddenly we heard four shots and I was dumbfounded,” a waiter at the nearby Tamarind Tribeca restaurant on Hudson Street told the NY Post. “I saw people at the scene running. They looked scared and jumped into a car.”

Police are searching for three suspects who have fled east. Two of the suspects were wearing blue jeans and white shirts, and the third was wearing blue jeans and a blue shirt.


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