Escambia County issues boat warnings for damage from Hurricane Sally


Pensacola, Fl

 The province of Escambia issued warnings to boat passengers Monday morning regarding damage to Hurricane Sally.

Recreational boats are required to refrain from boat rides due to submerged, floating debris and damaged / lost waterway signs.

All Escambia Provincial boat ramps are “used at your own risk”:

Galvez Boat Ramp Ramp: The county says the eastern slope is suitable for use at your own risk, but the western slope needs evaluation and should not be used. The ponds suffered some damage. These areas are carefully marked with hazard tape.

Coronado Ramp should not be used until repaired.

Bill Dickson Ramp is open, but the East Pier is closed due to the loss of the dock section.

The slopes of the Navy Point and Mahogany Mill are open, but extra caution is recommended in all docks.

The ramp on the Pensacola Shipyard Marine Complex is closed.

Wilson B. Robertson’s slope on the Perdido River is open, however, caution is advised.


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