“Cave of the Men” at the New York Central train station


Pensacola, fl

At the New York Central train station, a hidden cave was found containing a refrigerator, beer cans, a plasma screen, air conditioner, sports equipment, beds, an electromagnetic oven and a number of chairs.

And Caroline Bucorny, a general supervisor at the Urban Transportation Directorate, suggested that the cave – the cave room is used by some station employees for entertainment purposes.

The surveillance services in New York received an anonymous report, complaining of the writer about hidden parties held in the building of the Central Train Station, but the complaint was registered against an unknown person.

City fire department officials announced that the hidden cave was not mentioned on the station’s map, suggesting that it represents a “serious” threat to security.

Pending investigation into the purpose of equipping the room, the police arrested three workers at the station, namely a carpenter, an electrician and a train guide. The authorities described their behavior as unacceptable and “totally inappropriate” and the station management is considering dismissing them.


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