A four-year-old shoots his pregnant mother


Pensacola, fl

A four-year-old boy shot and wounded his pregnant mother in the face, in Seattle, USA, after he found a gun under the mattress.

County District Police spokesman Ryan Abbott described what happened as an accident, and said: “The mother, who is eight months pregnant, is in stable condition, and is currently in hospital, after she was seriously injured.

He indicated that the little boy was in his parents’ room on the day of the accident, when he found the pistol was loaded and not secured, while the father was lying near the mother at that moment, as the child pulled the pistol and shot his mother and hit her in the face.

He stressed that the pistol is not licensed, but it is also not stolen, and he did not clarify whether the father would be punished or if he would be directed to possess a weapon without a license.


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