A Child shoots his sister for a video game


Pensacola, fl

A child shot his 13-year-old sister during an altercation over a video game at their home in Mississippi.

Monroe County Sheriff Cecil Cantrell said in his statements to the media in which he explained that the child had shot his sister in the head with a 25 mm pistol when she refused to give him the game system controller.

 He said, “The 9-year-old killed his sister after she refused to leave the toy for him. He came to her from behind and shot her in the head.”

He pointed out that the child died of her wounds in Memphis Hospital, pointing out that it was not clear how the child got the weapon and what will happen to him.

“I think the child saw such scenes in electronic games or on television, and I don’t know if he was aware of what he did,” Cantrell said. “I don’t know it’s a tragedy.”

Cantrell added, “This is a strange incident for us. It has never happened that we dealt with a nine-year-old who kills another child.”


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