102-year-old woman kills her neighbor in a nursing home


Pensacola, fl

The French authorities have opened an investigation after the murder of a woman in her nineties in a nursing home in the north of the country, and the suspect, a 102-year-old woman who lives in a room adjacent to the victim’s room, was transferred to a mental hospital, according to the public prosecutor’s office.

An employee of the house, located in Chisei-sur-Marne, 100 km northeast of Paris, found the 92-year-old victim, killed in bed.

Soissons prosecutor Frederick Train said in a statement on Wednesday evening that an autopsy “showed that the death was a result of strangulation and blows to the head.”

He added, “The suspect, who lives in the vicinity of the victim’s room, admitted that she had killed someone. She was taken to a mental health center because she is suffering from a” state of confusion and emotion, “according to the public prosecutor.


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