1 killed and 1 in custody after the shooting of West Miami Dead Walmart


Pensacola, Fl

 A man was killed and another in custody after an early morning shootout inside a West Miami Dead Walmart store.

“It’s not common in this region. We don’t usually see this kind of violence here,” said Javier Montes, a resident of Coral Gables.

Miami Police Detective Dade Angel Rodriguez said investigators were still investigating how the fight escalated between the two men involved.

Each of the adult males became involved in a type of altercation which escalated which resulted in the bullets being shot. “We don’t have the details,” Detective Rodriguez said, “but that is why this case is in an investigative state.”

Police said the accident occurred at the back of the store. The suspect did not flee the scene.

Detective Rodriguez said he did not know if the victim was carrying a weapon.

“A suspect has been arrested and will be questioned by our homicide investigator,” Detective Rodriguez said.

Walmart issued this statement, which read:

“We are shocked and saddened by today’s incident and will do our best to help the police achieve it. We are grateful for their prompt response and our hearts to those affected by this morning’s events.”

While no one else was injured in this shooting, Yvette Nylund, a nurse at a South Miami hospital, was inside at the time.

“I said please let me come back. I have my medical equipment with me. I can help. I was just told that someone was bleeding badly. I was really scared looking around to make sure there was no other shooter.”

Yvette said she received assistance from the Miami-Dade Police who quickly arrived at the scene. Although they were unable to save the man, she said she does not regret going back inside.

“This is my message and I wanted to help. I’m glad I did. I will always remember that I tried,” said Nylund.


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