Three US states record high numbers of injuries


Pensacola, fl

Three us states recorded record numbers of “Covid-19” injuries, at a time when the country exceeded the seven million mark.

The state of Minnesota recorded 1,177 new infections with the Corona virus, while the state of Oregon recorded 440 new infections, exceeding its previous record recorded in July.

Utah also recorded 1,411 new infections, a record increase for the second day in a row. Montana and South Dakota also set records in daily increases

Covid-19 injuries in the United States are moving in an upward trend, as the average number of cases increased in the past seven days by more than ten percent compared to the previous week.

On average, the United States records 44,000 new cases per day and nearly 700 deaths, while yesterday it recorded nearly 50,000 injuries, the highest daily increase since August.

 Cases are also increasing rapidly in Wisconsin, where the governor declared a new health emergency and extended the use of masks until November.

Although cases are still increasing in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantes lifted all Covid-19 restrictions on businesses, including restaurants and bars, saying that the threat of the Coronavirus pandemic was “reduced enough” to allow the state to enter the final stage of reopening the economy.

 Desantes’s announcement came on the same day that the state recorded 122 deaths, bringing the total death toll over the 14,000 threshold. The executive order signed by the state’s Republican governor, who is close to President Donald Trump, permits “the lifting of statewide restrictions on businesses, such as restaurants.”

The decision stated that Florida residents and business owners need “certainty and the ability to secure income for themselves and their families.” He added that the work of restaurants is not restricted by emergency measures related to “Covid-19”, which determine “less than 50 percent of the capacity in closed spaces.” The decision also puts an end to the collection of all fines due and imposed for violating the closure procedures. “In Florida, everyone should have the right to work,” DeSantes told reporters in St. Petersburg, where he announced the decision. The state of Florida is one of the hotspots of the Corona virus in the United States, and the total number of infections in it reached 700 thousand, of whom more than 14 thousand died, according to the figures of the Ministry of Health in the state.


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