Removals of Skanska sandals are underway, but no timeline for completion yet


Pensacola, Fl

Contractors have begun the process of recovering 22 Skanska barges that were dispersed across the coasts of the area during Hurricane Sally.

Ships were knocked off their moorings during the hurricane and washed away by waves around the bays of Pensacola and Escambia. Dozens of them landed on private property, and the others came to rest under the Pensacola Bay Bridge, near the Pensacola Naval Air Station, near the Garcon Point Bridge and various other locations.

A Skanska representative said Friday that four salvage companies were participating in the overall barge recovery, and that the first barge was removed from shore for a private property in Milton that morning.

The city of Pensacola confirmed Friday morning that Pensacola harbor charterer Pat Stevedore was involved in some groups of boats, but the number that may ultimately pass through the port is unknown at this time.

Skanska did not provide a timeline for how long the overall removal process would take, or how to prioritize removing the remaining ships.

At a press conference , State Senator Doug Brooksson said that Skanska had informed they considered 12 boats on private property to be a direct responsibility, and that they had a ground team contacting property owners to discuss the process of removing the barge and compensation for damage caused by ships.


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