2 Spokane policemen shoot and kill the man they were trying to arrest


Pensacola, Fl

 Police said two Spokane officers shot a man to death while trying to arrest him.

The Spokesman-Review reported that police went to a hotel to arrest the man, who on Monday suspected storming of his former home, firing a weapon, and assaulting that person, among other crimes.

Sgt. Teresa Fuller said the man arrived at the motel in an RV. Police said upon his departure that he was armed with a pistol.

Fuller said there was “an exchange of words” between the officers and the man before the officers shot him. She said she could not determine whether the man fired a weapon.

Police said the man died despite the surgeon’s efforts. Spokane County Medical Examiner identified 43-year-old Eric Mahoney. Cause of death is listed as multiple bullet wounds, and method is listed as murder.

Police said the Spokane Independent Investigation Response Team, made up of law enforcement agencies from several local agencies, was investigating the shooting.


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