The 23-year-old Pace was arrested for making multiple threats towards UWF


Pensacola, Fl

 23-year-old Pace man is behind bars on a million dollar bond for making multiple threats towards University of West Florida.

Shane Rey Davis was arrested today.

The Santa Rosa County Mayor’s office acted with the FBI “based on classified information relating to the school threat.”

MPs say Davis made multiple threats against UWF with an online gaming system.

The deputies said in a statement that “the threats were specific in nature and were dealt with very seriously by law enforcement authorities.” “Due to the nature of the threats and the collection of evidence, Davis was arrested and transferred to Santa Rosa County Jail.”

UWF issued a statement Friday afternoon regarding the incident:

The University of West Florida has been notified of these serious charges by the FBI and the Santa Rosa County Mayor’s office. The university took immediate measures and cooperated with the authorities to the maximum extent possible. The safety of the campus community is one of the University’s top priorities. These things are taken very seriously and our UWF police officers are well trained and prepared for these types of situations.


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