Residents have mixed feelings about the officials’ response to Hurricane Sally


Pensacola, Fl

 Many have had the opportunity to take a break and look at situations that unfolded more than a week ago – a mixed bag of emotions.

Several Channel Three interviewees said the county has done a great job of caring for infrastructure and energy recovery.

This included Joel Fuchtinger, who traveled from Wisconsin after the storm to care for his elderly mother who lives in northwest Florida.

“In terms of keeping roads clean and returning energy sooner than expected. I think those are the pluses.”

Others have had a hard time living without cable or internet for so long – just like Robert Hulsinger.

He suffers from a disability and without that, he has no way to communicate with people or get updates on the storm.

“This internet is a gateway to most things nowadays. From scheduling doctors’ appointments to communicating with a caregiver.”

County leaders say they will review lessons learned from Hurricane Sally to be better prepared next time.


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