Newborn baby found dead behind action in Southwest Phoenix


Pensacola, Fl

A baby is found dead behind a mall building in Southwest Phoenix.

Phoenix Police responded to 35th Avenue and Base Road at 1 p.m. To call an infected person.

When the officers arrived, they found a baby, not breathing, after work.

The Phoenix Fire Department announced the death of the child at the scene.

Sgt. Ann Justus confirmed Friday that she was a newborn baby.

A man who works at a nearby barbershop said a couple came to ask him to call 911 because there was a baby outside.

She said: I saw a child in a truck. I said, “Where’s the kid?” [She said] “Over the back door.” I ran in the back and saw the child there in the truck.

“How do you throw a child?” Asks Patricia Martinez.

Martinez runs the Lee Academy of Martial Arts. She said her daughter, the trainer, called and told her the sad news.

“It triggered all kinds of emotions. One of them is that I’m a new grandmother and my daughter had a baby.”

Police say there are safe areas in the area for parents to pick up children who cannot take care of them, especially fire stations and hospitals.

Martinez said that she does not understand how a person can give up a newborn.

“There are a lot of people who want children. There are so many people who want children that they would have taken this child and his child was not given any chance or opportunity in life and this is innocent. Children are innocent.”

Officials did not say if there were any signs of shock. This is an ongoing investigation.


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