Life imprisonment for a person after being convicted of raping 31 women over a 22-year period.


Pensacola, fl

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, Philip Blackwell, one of the applicants for the famous TV music amateur program “X-Factor”, used a face mask and filmed his victims during their rape, and that he used a soft Irish accent to entrap them, confirming that he was targeting young women while they walked in The night.

Judge Peter Cook, President of the British city of Warwick, said during the verdict: “You survived your ugly deeds all these years, because you were smart and wicked, and it is clear that you always carried a rape kit, including a face mask and tape to restrain your victims.”

He added, “It is clear that you do not have any conscience or any human appreciation for women, you view them as victims of sex without any human consideration, so your actions were selfish, evil and ruthless, you are absolute evil and I consider you the most dangerous criminal whom I have met and dealt with throughout my 35 career life.” Year”.

For his part, Attorney General Adrian Langdale QC said: ‘He is a serial rapist whose campaign of abuse has spanned over 22 years … he met young women who dressed in a certain way that he found attractive, followed them in his car, stood in front of his victims and entered a place where he could carry out his attack.’ .

“It was cool, calculated behavior,” he added.

Blackwell was arrested after a woman, in 2017, said he raped her while she was asleep. His DNA was taken and matched with his first attack in 1997.


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