Franklin County Deputy was killed in a US plane crash on 33 in the Winchester Canal


Pensacola, Florida

 Franklin County Police Office said a deputy was killed in a US plane crash of 33 in the Winchester Channel.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol said Rep. Angela El Kane, 51, was killed in the accident.

Sheriff Dallas Baldwin spoke about Kane and the great loss that happened to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

“It’s very tragic, and people are now in shock. We had people who had to go home. They were just destroyed, because they were good friends. They relied on each other,” said Kane.

OSHP said Kane was heading to prison to work on the second shift at around 1:30 p.m. This is when the driver of the dump truck lost control of his car after suffering a tire puncture. The dump truck passed through the median and entered the western lanes of 33 American aircraft, and hit several vehicles.

Ken’s car was one of five cars that were hit.

“An amazing deputy, a wonderful person, loved by everyone in the mayor’s office,” Baldwin said. “It really hurts today.”

Baldwin said that Kane has been in the mayor’s office for about 10 years and has worked in Franklin County Jail.

“She’s just one of those people everyone loves,” Baldwin said. “Great employee, employee everyone wants.”

Two more people were taken to Mt. The eastern Carmel Hospital was seriously injured.

When Kane’s body was taken to the morgue, law enforcement forces lined up at the scene and led a procession. The officers at the scene greeted her as she passed.

“When they make this last trip to the mortuary, funeral home, church, cemetery, that’s the least we can do. It doesn’t matter if you know them personally or not, at least to show up, introduce a meltdown, get involved in the caravan and show that you really respect them.”

Baldwin was unable to say yet what would be done to honor Kane, but he said that plans are being drawn up, by fellow MPs and colleagues in prison.

Traffic was closed in both directions as crash crews responded.

OSHP continues to investigate the incident. No charges were filed at this time.


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